XR600R Drive Train...

Hi all,

Could someone please post the gear ratios of late models XR600R gearbox (1995-)?

You can find it in the workshop manual under "Drive Train" in the "General Information" section.

For anyone who's interested, here are the XR650L specs (this is what I need for the 600R):

Primary Reduction - 2.029 (69/34)

Final reduction - 3.000 (45/15)

Gear ratio 1st - 2.666 (32/12)

Gear ratio 2nd - 1.647 (28/17)

Gear ratio 3rd - 1.250 (25/20)

Gear ratio 4th - 1.000 (23/23)

Gear ratio 5th - 0.840 (21/25)

I think the 600R has a different Primary reduction, and/or possibly 2nd & 3rd gear ratios.


Out of my 93 manual:

Primary reduction 2.188 (70/32)

gear ratio I 2.385 (31/13)

gear ratio II 1.647 (28/17)

gear ratio III 1.250 (25/20)

gear ratio IV 1.000 (23/23)

gear ratio V 0.840 (21/25)

final reduction 3.429 (48/14)

You were right, hope this helps.

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