Does anybody have the icat on their bike? If so what do you think? I already have the vortex cdi on my KX 250F but I am curious about this icat device.

Besides expensive what are your thoughts.

Just installed one on my 04 KX250F and noticed a big improvement on cranking the bike and throttle response. The hit is immediate now when you hit the gas with no hesitation.

If you got the Vortex X 10 then your wasting money on the ICAT all it does is increase spark alittle bit which the vortex all ready does.

That's exactly what I was wondering.That since I have the Vortex X10 their would really be no need for the icat.But if the icat plus the vortex worked together and made throttle response,etc. even better I would of tried it.

I've using one for a year with really good results. It has given just as big (or more) a power boost as the last ignition module I bought for an MX bike. The best thing about it is I just took it off my old bike and put it on the new one and got the same improvement on it...

I paid the $200 to get the iCat for my RMZ and I wasnt happy with it. First off, it doesn't seal the spark plug hole enough to keep water and debri out. The power was noticeably snappier and it seemed like it revved out better, but after 3 weeks the insulator on the iCat cracked and it was pretty much useless. Sorry, the power is good, but I'm not gonna lie, I thought the thing was a waste of money for how long it worked.

Wow,what a waste.But I have to say your the first person that I've heard about who has had those problems. I hope you contacted them and let them know what happened with your icat.

yeah, call them and see if there is any type of warranty with the product... i am very interested in buying one, and these sorts of things happen on a random, but if they arent willing to stand behind there product and fix it then i dont want to buy one....

please let us know... thanks in advance...

If your iCat cracked it is possible that you did not mount it correctly. You can't just zip tie it to the frame. It needs some cushioning.

Your thinking of the first generation iCat. The one for the RMZ/KXF is basically contained in the long spark plug cap that is pushed down inside the cylinder. The box said RMZ/KXF, I followed the mounting instructions (pretty simple stuff), and 3 weeks later, it just quit working. I haven't tried to talk to iCat yet but I doubt they will do anything about the parts I had to buy to put my bike back to normal.


i've had an icat for a while now, had some problems when first got mine ( :) i managed to fit it wrong) anyway Tom @ icat was great and helped me out 100% www.icatusa.com in case you want the web address. I know this is an old post but was searching for something else and found it so it might just help ya :)

Ty :D

Overall,after running the icat with the Vortex CDI I have to say that the only way you could tell if it does anything would be to put your bike on a Dyno.The Vortex alone besides the PC TI-4 pipe were the best combo for the KX250F.I could not tell if there was any difference in power with the icat.I did have trouble starting the bike at altitude (3811) where as with the Vortex alone that thing is absolutely amazing.1 maybe 2 kicks and my bike was gone.Just sold my bike (2004 KX250F) because I just didn't have any time to ride it for $4900. and am thinking about the 2006 maybe down the line.But the Vortex alone and PC's Pipe were the bomb.

how would an icat and a boyesen quikshot work together?? i al ready have a power now

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