Ti4 Exhaust mellow bike?

Anyone else put a PB/Ti4 14" on their 03/04 and notice that it really mellowed it out? My bike feels smoother than my buddies with the stock system on it. I am just curious if it was the pipe or something else. I rode an 04 CRF with the same system and the bike felt exactly the same as my YZF.

Hey Gonz how's it going. I don't have the powerbomb header but I have the Ti4 14 inch can. And yes it does take away the little surge in the power curve that the bike has with the stock pipe. It transitions smoother and then makes a little more juice in the mid/upper. I also have the GYT flywheel weight. Stock the darn things are hard to hang on to when you crack the throttle out of turn! :thumbsup:

Hey Mike!!!

Thanks for responding. I wasnt sure if maybe I was starting to lose compression or something. It just seemed like when I switched these pipes around the bike became slower.

See ya at Baja.

Sounds like exactly what I need. I am running a 50 tooth rear for MX and there are a tracks where I almost run out of gear in 3rd but don't wish to pull fourth for the last second. I loath for a bit more top end power.


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