YZ250F or YZ450F,,,,what would you get?

Getting a new Yamaha soon.

Cant decide which to get.

Which would you get? A YZ450F or YZ250F for racing HareScrambles and a little bit of MX?

I have a friend that has a 426, I love its power, hate its weight, and hate its hard starting characteristics. Are the new 250 and 450's hard to start like the 426?

I have both and go back and forth which one I like better. I ride 95% MX and maybe alittle trail here and there. I personally would go with the 250F. It's easier to manuver and has a ton of power for it size when get to the big stuff. Also it wont wear you out when your riding for 3 hours like a 450 will.

As for weight the 450 is alot lighter than the 426 was. I went from a 400 to a 450. Big difference. 15lbs. As for the starting I never had a problem with any of three that I have owned except for the 400 just before I sold it and it was ignition related.

Thanks gonzo,

Sounds like the 250F is what I need to go with. :thumbsup:

I have a YZ450 and I wouldn't want to ride it in a harescrambles. It has to much power for the woods for me. I would love to get a WR250 for the woods, my WR450 is just to tall and heavy sometimes.

But when you turn that throttle on either bike away you go!

Thanks for the replies.

I think I am going to go for the 250.

Now should I reconsider that WR?

Unless you really need lights and an electric start i would say no.

I say buy the 250/f and add RPM's big bore kit.

If I weighed 175 or less I would have a 250F. Those bikes are a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 450 is fun too though....just in a different way.

450f :thumbsup:

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