LED Rear Signals

Hey There...

Was just out at the local bike shop and picked up some LED rear turn signal assys... really cool! Light weight, small and they adhere to the rear fender. You may have seen some of these on the crotch rockets lately. Seriously they are about the size of an almond... and purdy bright.

So here's the problem... I can't get the bloody things to flash... I've heard that all it takes is the right resistance and the LEDs shoould cycle... been there done that and to no avail. Ran 27w, 50w, 1w, 8w, seperate resisters and still no flash, they do come on but no flashy. Now get this, If I put the 5w bulb in-line (old t/s bulb) along with the LED... THEY FLASH! so it hasta be the wattage/amp drain. Any Helps??

95 XR600 with Baja Designs dual sport kit, ni-cad battery set-up


r u running the resistors in series or parallel? They should be run parallel.

I could not get the tiny bulbs in the turn signals to flash(Acerbis Dual Sport hand guards that have the turn signals built into them). I went to the Zone and bought a $7 electronic flasher which isn't load dependent and it worked just fine. You might try that.

Have u any pics of these leds or brand names etc... the electronic flasher will fix the problem same thing on my roady.

Will post pics later this week..


I have a small solid state module "MotoBlink"

to flash any thing from 0 to 3A. The so called "Electronic"

flashers won't do currents much under 1A.

MotoBlink is tiny and has a microprocessor. It shuts off

after 40 Blinks and even is short circuit proof (no fuse needed in series with it). It draws less

than 1mA (.001A). It does not vary blink rate with battery

voltage. It is about 1"X 3/4" X 1/2" in size.

If you want any details let me know!




Sorry 'bout not posting the LED pics this week guys... fell this weekend and screwed up my back... thankfully went to see the Doc and he set everything straight again... haleluja!! I'll try and get them on soon.


Sorry to hear about your stack injury :thumbsup: How did you go with your blinker problem. Did you solve the problem? Just playing around with mounting L.E.D's in my bark busters for my blinkers. I used an electronic flasher relay but had to change the capacitor inside to slow the flashing rate down. Done some mod's to wireing to get it the way I wanted it but works great. Just need to do the rear blinkers now.

OK... I know it's been a while now, but I think that this information will be useful to many of you out there...

The LED's signal lamps now flash when the turnsignal is switched on cuz of a $8 Electronic 2-prong flasher from the local Pep Boys...

Thanks for all the input..

L8R :cry:

LED's are one way diodes. They have to have the positive and the negative on the right connectors to work.

could you post info on how to find the motoblink units? And maybe the tiny LED flashers, too.

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