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YZ sytle Seat, whre to buy?

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I found the IMS YZ tank on dennis Kirk but dont see anything but seat covers. Where are you guys getting your YZ seats from and for how much? I just got my WR 400 a few weeks ago and had it out on the coal silt hills and trails, the front felt very harsh when going slow and seemed to wash out in the loose stuff, I clicked down the forks a bit and let some tire air out but between the bike feeling so tall and the front deflecting, I was going much slower than I know I can go with this thing. It did seem to respond better to me getting forward on it and I had to lean up on the tank to make any kind of large hill climb. Is the seat tank combo a big improvement for trail riding and hill climbs, or should I work on the tires and suspension settings and maybe drop the fork tubes an inch? I am 6'1 180 lbs.

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