Calling UK based members??

Not that I don't like reading posts from you guys in the US or Oz, (especially seeing where you get to ride!!), but I wondered how many UK members with WRs are about? Post here if you are!

Ever organise a rideout? :thumbsup:

O1-426,road legal,also with a set of 17" excel rims on talon hubs(just for the back roads you know! :thumbsup:),i think most folks on tt from this side seem to be all down south! :devil:

'04 Brand New Waiting for Registration. Gonna use it for commuting in london, blasting round my mates farm in wales and for greenlaning once i get to know it better. Used it for 4 days off roading so far.

While we are all here, has anyone in the UK been able to find some decent road going wheels for the stock rims?

I'm based in the North West. :thumbsup:

English, living in Switzerland. Do I count ???

Buckingham is my home town


Bike currently in Mr Hyde Supermoto guise, but often Dr Jeckled back to Knobblies to go green laning

Hey TAll John, I'm in Brackley! Small world!

Sorry, English living in Switzerland does not count, Missile. Go play Mo mos with Johnny Foreigner!! LOL!! JUst Kidding, where in switzerland, I travel over there on business a fair bit. Good riding out there?

Between geneva and lausanne.

Great riding but illegal most places, so I usually muddy up my numberplate!!

Having been stopped once by the local forest guard I tend now to ride in France which is much more open and just 2 minutes away. Drop me a Pm if you land near to Geneva.

Will do, I go to Soloturn just on the German / French speaking border. Not sure when next though

Any of you lot in the dawn to dusk this weekend? My WR is the one with the very high handle bars with the out of control rider on top (not suprised hey!).

Where abouts is it run?

Its the TBM sponsored enduro lasting 12 hours (hence the dawn to dusk name) in the breacon beacons in south wales, and it's on this weekend.

Simch, are you a crosser/enduro man only, or are you up for a bit of green laning. There is a fair few lanes north and west of brackley that make a good day out?


'98 wr400f in Wilts...

Hi there everyone, im near witney in oxfordshire. 04 wr450 is my poison. Anyone playing around with their jetting? I am still on stock jetting but it doesn't run clean of the bottom. Using FMF powercore 4 with Q insert.

Yep, done a bit round the green man at Silverstone and up near blakesey. Give us a shout next time !

Wont be at the dawn to dusk. Good luck!!

electron, I now run a 165 main jet, the updated needle that comes with the bike and an extra turn on the fuel pilot screw. Richens it up well, and is significantly more sprightly.

Oxford, ride a lot on Ridgeway & surrounding trails, CHEC enduros & little blast about track near Burford

WR450FS, brand spankin' new

No mods yet

Lower Sunbury, Surrey. Awaiting the new OS maps which have been revised and should be out this month. Will be looking to explore the green lanes.

Just run my bike in at 50 miles, will be entering the H&H this weekend north of portmouth. Have not riden in 2 years so after a 3 hour event I am going to be sore on Monday!!

wr400 in somerset here

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