decomp lever/hot start replacement

i just recently broke my decomp. cable when my handgrip and i flew off my 426. i straightened everything and rode afterwards and i liked the idea of having the bars cleaned up by getting rid of the stock decomp. lever and possibly replacing it with a hot start trigger lever on the clutch perch.

does anyone know if the barrel end of the decomp cable will fit the hot start?

I own a 2002 426 and I used the hot start off my buddys new 2004 YZ250F I just drilled the cable housing out to fit the cable it works great and it cleans up the bars. I've been down hard on the bars and never have broke the decomp lever. And most of all it looks trick. :thumbsup:

I would be interested in fitting the hot start lever but with less leverage on the hot start lever how difficult is it to pull in especially during a race after you have stalled the bike and rushing to get it started.

i've been riding the bike without the cable and have had to reach down on the head and pull the lever by hand so it can only be easier with an additional lever putting even more leverage on it. i'm glad someone finally had a reply to this. i've been putting off doing it out of laziness, but i'll remember this when i finally get around to it.

I've got my own idea I've been wanting to do for a custom bar mounted hot start on my 426 that I can do for about 70 bucks, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll have my bike... I suppose I could always yank it and sell it if I get a new bike in the spring :thumbsup:

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