87 xr 600

Im new to Hondas, Ive worked on yams RT1, TY, YZ, YZF DT1/2 but this is my first "Red" bike. It runs but it needs some tlc. First the brake caliper, perch, and master are gone. Any hints as to what years will fit. I need the whole frontbrake system so any help would be great. I am looking at rebuilding it for a winter project, any hints suggestions, just good ole advice on particulars with this duel carb monster. I know the carbs need to be cleaned and synched. Planning on rebuiling the upper end as well. Any and all are appreciated thanks. B

Hey bro, looks like you got that project bike after all!

Gotta be the rebel in the family don't ya!

I'm still gonna get ya with old blue!

I'm thinking the front brake system as a whole should interchange with alot of years. It just comes down to the bolt spacing on the fork lower and the piston location?



I would believe all xr600 or xr650l calipers ect.. would fit, except that, I swapped some 02 xr650l forks onto my 87 xr600 and the caliper didn't want to center on the rotor, I had to shim the caliper towards the center of the bike with 2 washers between fork mount and caliper. So I don't know what changed or when but something is different. My concern would be a new caliper might be too wide and pushed to far towards the centerline of bike and only solution would be machining the caliper or mount. Not much help but that's all I know. David

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