2004 WR450 sale help

Hi all!

I have a new WR450 that I was hoping to use to get back into dirt riding. It didn't happen. Now I need to sell it - I just can't stand having it sit there. Its had two rides (and by rides, I mean around the driveway).

Its in upstate NY. How much should I ask if I really want it to move fast. I'm thinking around 4500 cash.

Is that fair? Help.


Personally, I think $4500 is a bit low but you should be able to move it FAST for that price! :thumbsup:

If it's really been putted around the driveway twice, you could probably get $5K fairly easy. I paid $6100 for mine out the door, which is considered low. At $4500 it would probably sell in 30 min. Too bad about having to unload it. :thumbsup:

OK, I'm gunna do it. I'm just gunna link from the classifieds section.

This is only for a short time. Ideally I'd sell it THIS weekend.


I'm in MD, what about shipping etc.?

Post pics?

i'm interested. do you still have the bike? email me at jerseydirt@yahoo.com

i'm free this weekend like to come up take look at it ! i'm from md !! e-mail me you address crazylu951100@yahoo.com

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