What do i need to change the oil seal?

What do i need to change the drive shaft oil seal on my 00 YZ426? It's the one thats behind the sproket. Is it just one seal, or is their a dust seal and a oil seal? :thumbsup:

I have always poked a small hole in it and grabbed it with a exhaust pipe spring puller.

Is it just one whole seal? Cause when i ordered it i just ordered the drive shaft oil seal.

I filally got the oil seal and i messed up and pushed it in a little too far and it's stil leaking. Could pishing it slightly too far in be the reason? Theirs play for the seal on the sleve that seperates the o-ring from the oil seal. I had probs getting the seal and have a seal waiting at another bike shop. I used motor oil to lub the o-ring and seal when i put it on. Is this right? I thought the seal would hit the proper support when i tapped it in. Do they leak for a second when their 1st installed? :thumbsup:

I just did the same thing. I pushed it in a bit further than the old one. It was a little cocked sideways too and it leaked. I pushed it in till it bottomed and it was square and it didn't leak any more. It's easy to push it in too far when it is lubed up. I think the factory puts it in from the back to butt up against the seal retainer that you removed to change the seal.

Anyway, mine has not leaked since to I guess it is okay. I think the crankcase presure might push it out against the retainer anyway. I'll check when I next change the sprocket.

Square it and ride it and see what happens

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