Bigger rear tire yz450

Anyone out there running a 120/90/19 rear tire? Any advantages? More traction!?


I did it, and hated it!!! I did have alot more traction but the added width of the tire made the bike not want to turn. I know alot of others agreed that it was a major problem as well. If you don't ride MX it may not be that big of a deal.

I used a 120, and LOVED IT! I am a bigger guy, not sure if that helped in the corners.

I agree with fastenuf4u...made the bike feel like a pig. Didnt turn nearly as well and gave the bike a weird, very unbalanced feel.

Since a thumper "hooks up" better than a 2-smoke, on an MX track the bigger tire is not necessary in my opinion. The bigger tire is heavier and does alter the bike's handling.

Unsprung weight is bad.........

Thanks for the input. I think I'll stick with the stock size. I do often ride MX. :thumbsup:

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