A few questions about the yz450

the other day i was out riding at the local OHV area and i stopped to take a break and i heard the roar of a bike in the distance.so i thought it was another cr450 or wr450,i patiently waited for it to come around the bend and it was a fairly new looking yz450f.now im not very familiar with yzf's,but this one was really loud and i thought most yz450f's were strictly closed course bikes only.this is a green sticker riding area only.now was this guy just bending the rules and riding anyway,or can the yz450f become a green sticker bike after a green sticker rated exhaust pipe has been fitted on?

the other question is,how much horsepower are these 450's rated at.im sure many of you have modded your bikes,so what kind of power are you spittin' out the back of your yz450?

I think they are putting out around 45hp stock. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Yea give or take a few or more - depending on pipe, airflow to the motor, motor work , CDI & race gas - you can get over 50hp

Are you sure it wasnt a 426(green stickered)?? If it was infact a 450, most likely just someone out breakin the (worthless) california rules...i used to ride red stickered bikes all the time during green sticker only times in CA...not a problem as long as you dont get caught.

Doesn't really matter what it is rated at does it? I mean are you holding the throttle open all the time and still need more power? :devil::thumbsup:

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