Help with throttle stop

Ok. this may sound stupid but where is the the trottle stop acutally located ? The pic at (thumper faq)was not that helpful :thumbsup:


What year is your WR. The throttle stop is different on the early model 400s vs. current 450s.

I had to cut the stop on my '98 wr because no one could find the correct stop for that year. I also had the same problem buying a fuel screw.

Good posts and questions should always identify make, model and mods. That way you'll get the best advise. :thumbsup:

Sorry about that, my bike is a 2003 WR450f. I keep looking for it around the carb but I dont see anything that they describe

on the side of the carb you will find a cover protecting the area that the throttle cables attach to the throttle shaft. the accelerator pump linkage is also under there. towards the rear of that area you will see a black allen screw that looks to thread in from below and go in behind the wheel on the throttle shaft. that is the stop screw. it limits the amount the wheel can rotate.

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