clark yz450 tank on a WR450

Has anyone tried a Clark yz450 2.8 gal tank on a WR450? I am thinking it might work using the yz shrouds.

I have the "natural" color one on my 450. I used Gyt-r radiator shrouds(yz450).

Why not consider the 3.4 gallon GYTR tank? :thumbsup:

the yz specific tank will need a yz seat and rad. shrouds. they make a 2.8 that has 2 holes (one for yz and one for wr)for the seat retainer,and will only require yz shrouds. i have this tank and like it better than the stock one mainly because it doesn't restrict air flow. stock and the larger after markets will. :thumbsup:

Why would you want to spend $175.00 for just .2 of a gallon of gas. IT AIN"T WORTH IT.


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