Help on a exhaust question!!!!!!!

Can anyone help please, I have a road legal yz426f 2001 and it has a yoshimura full race system on it but it is too loud? firstly any ideas on how to quieten it down or is there a exhaust on the market I could replace it with to make it go through it's MOT again. :thumbsup:

Compared to all the darn Harley's out there, I can't even seem to think my CRF with Jemco exhaust would even be too loud. . . :thumbsup:

Thanks for the reply but I come from England and we don't have many Harleys just lot's of people who do not appreciate a great sounding bike. :thumbsup:

I have a FMF Q for my YZ426 and it dropped the noise levels down to 92db. FMF Link Seems half as loud as the stock pipe. White Brothers also has a new E2 that is also has low noise levels around 92db White Brothers Link

Good Luck on you search

I have jus tbought an akropavich titanium can for my wr450, and it wakes the dead!! I too, may have to quieten it down for use on the UK roads! Maybe an insert in the end or soem extra apcking. The Akra is rebuildable.

I've tried that using a machined stainless billet,drilled it and attached some cone shaped screen mesh(like a spark arrestor)behind that in the bore, and yes it does quiten it slightly but what I find is, it seems to blow alot of the packing out due to the back pressure I guess? :thumbsup:,

Is'nt the stock WR exhaust quite enough then as I was going to try and get one for my YZ thinking :awww: that this will quiten it down. :devil::lol:

Check with Yosh on the Tec-Kit insert it is a $40 baffle that will drop the sound levels and add a spark arestor. I am not sure which pipe you have but Yosh makes them for most of their late model stuff. From what the magazine adds say there is a 96db and a 93db insert in the kit.

Here is a link Yosh Dirt Exhaust

Thank's BIG-D I'm going to try this out :thumbsup:

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