2000 yzf426- reliable?

Hey I was wanting to know if the 2000 Yz426f was reliable for you guys. I dont want a 4 stroker that will need a lot of maintnence. I just want to be able to change oil/filter and clean air filter, put 95 octane in it and go ride. Is this possible on this bike? Since it is the first 426, I wanted to know if there were any problems with it. Thanks,


The 2000 model had clutch chatter and some had problems with the couter balancer/crankshaft keyway. The 2001 and newer bikes had a spline gear vs keyway to hold the counterbalancer to the crankshaft. If the keyway bends or breaks it can cause problems.

Other than those two issues I can't think of anything else major. You will want to refer to Motoman393's site and do the BK/GB mod to the carb to make it start easier and reduce "bog".

Motoman 393's Website

If i do those things, how much would it all cost(about)? Are those things i would have to take to the shop and get fixed? Or are they easy things to do?

Clutch fix about 100 bucks give or take 20

The GB mod about 10 bucks for a 6 mm tap and drill kit at the local hardware store and 6mm bolt and lock nut

throw in a EPJ needle fro the 2001 your grand total would be about $140 bucks maybe for a bike that will woohoo anyones woohoo :thumbsup:

Oh ya inspection of the key about 20 bucks for gasket and oil if you do it your self

My 2000 is a solid as a rock no issues with it at all

nice! thanks for your quick replys. I just didnt want to look at 300-400 bucks for all this stuff. Thanks! any more comments would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:

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I like my 2000 so much I put 2400 bucks into it last Winter. Got a Reklus Zstart Autoclutch, Suspension work done, new plastic, graphics, bars, sprockets and chain. I could had sold it put that toward the 2500 I had and boaught a brand new bike.

Nah I like my 2000 and after all I did to it the bike is better then ever

The only problem that I have had with mine is that it doesn't get ridden very much, which is why it is for sale. If you are still looking for one let me know. $2500 and it is yours. Also let me know if you would like some pics of it.

The 2000 model has A drill you have to go through to start it.This can be eliminated by installing the 2003 450 exhaust cam.solves alot of problems,makes the bike easier to start.This has been widely discussed over the last few years and is A must have mod for the 2000 426.

I have an 00 and it is solid also. The clutch seems to be the biggest issue...mine had a Hinson when I bought it last fall, and it has been good to go. I do the oil and filter changes and little else other than replacing parts from normal wear. Checked my valves recently and they were in spec. I don't believe that had ever been checked.

The gas tanks are prone to cracking. Mine was cracked when I bought it and the kid I got it from didn't think he needed to tell me that he had it duct taped just enough so it wouldn't leak when sitting still.

I replaced the tank and just cracked the new one yesterday when I overjumped a jump and I came down pretty hard on the front of the seat. You could see how it bubbled out on the sides and subsequently buckled underneath which is where the other one cracked.

Replace those motherf#$%ing 2 piece valves! :thumbsup: Then your good. :devil::awww:

how much would that cost?

Very reliable and easy to work on bike. the CB Keyway was the firrst thing on mine that went. you will know, rattle in the left side case at idle. but only $20 to fix and about 2 hours time. then the clutch, mine was never grabby like i see so many, but would fade real bad. even with new parts... did the 2001 clutch mod and no problems at all. did a top end after 2 years racing X-Country and still looked new, but did it for preventative maint. valves need checked regularly but are seldom out. lastly after 4 years racing X-Country the water pump seal went out 2 weeks ago. another simple $20 fix... :thumbsup:

i wouldnt trade it for a 4 speed 450 for nothing, except maybe an aluminum frame.


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