OT: I need som HTML help...PLEASE

web page

This is a web page I am creating for my wedding(instead of riding my toy...grrr)

It is a simple table with a navigation pane on the left and a content pane on the right. I have the nav buttons working...in that they can sense when it is clicked on. Now I need the click to load a new page into the content pane. i can't figure out how to do it.

I have a way with frames but that way is lame...frames are no good for many people. I am hoping it can be done simply in HTML. i dont want to use Java or anything else.

Anyone care to help so I can get my toy back in the dirt before summer is over.


you should be able to do that with DHTML. start here http://www.w3schools.com/dhtml/tryit.asp?filename=trydhtml_dom_innertext .

just make the rollover buttons you already have call javascripts that reset the inner text of your content element in the middle.

oh, and another thing, this is a really goofy thing to be doing instead of dirtbiking.

You're above where my limited knowledge of html will take me...

And, since I don't feel like looking it up, try these computer forums for help.

Any particular reason you'd ask for html help in a thumper forum? :awww::thumbsup::devil:




Try them in that order. Those guys are amazing...

The guys at genmay will help sometimes, but it doesn't take much for them to go off topic...


You can also load an exact copy of the original page, only difference being the content in the table. The page will basically load as if it was generated from script as your other graphics are already loaded into temporary files. Its not very advanced and you end up with lots of HTML files, but its another option.

Yak is correct. The papge does not run forms (in which case you would set a target frame). You just want to make a copy of the page, type in your moddle content. Call the page something else. The in the Href statement for your links type in the page name.

Also you might try shrinking down the link 1 text size. Or you could put in a nowarp commend on the TD.

<td nowrap>

Thanks for the links..I'll check into them

Yes it is a stupid thing to be doing when the weather is so beautiful in sunny seattle...

The faster I get this stupid thing working the sooner I can get out riding....

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