grey wire

Holy Toledo! I have a '00 wr 400, WR timed. I cut the wire...

Just when I thought my bike was perfect, someone raised the bar. I love you guys...<sniff> <sniff>.


It's your world, I just play in it!

2000 WR400, WB E-Series w/7 discs, Thumper bar risers, GUTS Racing seat, Cut Grey Wire :)

Mine is insulated not grounded.

The Grey Wire needs to be insulated not grounded. Sorry for the misprint

The other wire in the double connector is black and white correct?

Thanks for all the info gA426owner. Thats the last bit of info I was looking for prior to doing my mod. Thanks.

Originally posted by Tree Crippler:

The other wire in the double connector is black and white correct?

You got the correct one!

What a difference this mod makes. We have done about 6 400/426/250 WR's. It really has positive results on 1998-2000 WR400s. But on the 426 & 250 wow! I guess that extra 26cc really can kick in now.

So what is the final verdict on YZ timing on the 01 426? Is that a working out to be the right thing to do? I'm doing some work on mine this weekend, and have added the gray wire fix to the list of "to do's".....and I believe I'm going to bump the timing also. Thoughts anyone?

Hey Mike It might help if you would ride the dam bike :) Ret Senior on the lazy Orange side says it's because you can't start it :D

Michael, my 426 is YZF timed. I like the response better than the WR timing. Be very careful changing the timing, I learned the hard way what can happen if it is not done correctly.

So Mike68, did you cut your wire yet...and the verdict?

Ga - I read your post about your problems with the half rings - I appreciate the heads-up on that.

But you did find the change to YZ timing worth the time.....or would you just do the gray wire?

Here is my verdict. I wired in a switch similar to mcarp and went riding. I couldn't notice the difference at first. It is a very sutle change. I really had to ride for a while. I rode 1/2 hour non stop regular, then flicked the switch disconnecting the wire, rode 1/2 hour not noticing any difference. I decided to switch back to the "connected" position and thats when I finally noticed it. The revs change ever so slightly. It revs slightly quicker and slightly smoother. So slightly that if I just cut it and went riding, I would have NEVER noticed. Thats my story.

Riding an 01 426

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I agree with Mike 68. I have a very clean and strong running 00WR400 and felt very little change with the wire disconnected.

I had to chuckle when i reviewed all the gushing, slobbering posts about the benefits of this change for other riders.


As I said, The "Grey Wire Fix" is much more noticeable on the WR426 & WR250. The ignition mapping may be slightly different on the 2001 WR's. There is a night & day difference.

Micheal, as far as the YZ timing: It depends what type of rider you are as to whether or not WR vs. YZ cam timing is for you. I prefer the most hit I can get from the powerband. I typically ride my WR in higher rpm's. I also am very used to my other bike which is a YZF426, which I race strictly on motocross tracks. I have tried to get the WR power delivery to mimic the YZF power delivery as much as possible. For more info on the effects of WR's that are YZF cam timed, you may want to start another post. Or if you have or know someone that has done the modification ask them to let you ride their bike.

Man GA, you got YZ and WR 426 in the stable???? Must be nice, would you happen to have any gray wire pupoon????? :) . I read all the post and trundeled out to my patio and cut the wire, made sure the bike still ran, went back in and got another beer. I really did not notice anything great the next ride, but only rode the bike 2 times before the snip. I have a 99 WR 400 and guys like you that did all the toggle switch testing did say the 99 and 00s noticed slight improvements where as the 01 WR guys (especially the 250 guys) are howling about having a new bike after the mod.

FYI I am on an 01 wr426, did the switch thing and my previous post is written to the "T" on my experience.

Jason, what is pupoon? Is that some sort of special sause that you mix with gasoline to get a few more extra horsepower.

Next time your in the woods with your WR whack the throttle open in the mid range, see if you got rid of the hesitations, that most of us are experiencing. Again if you are a recreational woods rider, this "Grey Wire" mod may not seem noticeable. If you are a fast, aggressive (ride at 7000-10000rpm)rider, this mod will make your WR seem like the power delivery is much more linear, w/o any more hesitation (as long as your bike is jetted correctly w/correct air/fuel screw position).

Also, have a beer or 3 for me, I got to race tomarrow!


I ride from 6k to pinned. The only time I notice the difference is in those high revs. It does rev smoother and a LITTLE quicker. I think my expectations may have been a little higher due to the hype buildup.

My opinion on the nueter job for the 2000 WR400 : More power? yes ,Less stubble and hesitation? yes , Constant speed stubble gone? no but improved. The power is more electric like and smoother. Feels like rev limiter is gone.


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