grey wire

Tree cripler,

Sounds similar to my experience. I think I expected too much.

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GA, it was kinda a pun on the Mustard, Gray popoon or however you spell it. :) . Any way, like I said I only rode the bike 2 before the mod and could not even wring 3rd gear out in the tight and flooded trails I was in on those rides. My first ride after the snip was the first time I was able to open her up. I had troubbles cause when I had the tank off for the wire snip, I routed the hot start remote cable under the tank, but it was too short and opened anytime I turned the bars righ :D . The jetting was screwed up and the acclrtr pump was packed with grit.

My point is the WR 400 crowd never noticed the hesitation you 426 guys were having and have not noticed as much improvement.

Mike68, I thought you were going to take a break!! I see that lasted a while!! I cut the wire on my 426 and noticed that it reved quicker and smother in the mid range. I love it. But now I have some sort of cut out at real high rpms???????


everyone is looking for info on the grey wire. I just wanted to make sure I shared the info I recieved from my ride so others can compare it to their experience. I started this post with a question on the grey wire and wanted to make sure I finnished it. I may post a couple replys on the other posts from this morning, but by the end of the day, I'm going on my break.

Mike68, Sure you are. admit it your an addict. I just started checking this thing out a week ago and I can't turn it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sound like a smoker saying I'll quite after this pack. I wish you the best of luck and hope to here more good posts from you in the future.

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At real high rpm's you may be hitting the rev limmiter. I hit mine once and a while. Just a thought.


I noticed the difference right away on my '00 400. I am always a skeptic when it comes to these things but tried this mod because there was nothing to lose. As soon as I fired it up I noticed the throttle response was better, and after a blast down the street I was sold on the infamous wire mod.

Slobber gush!

why did it take so long to find this out???

Many jetting headaches later all I had to do was cut one little grey wire!!!

Yea thumpertalk You have made tweaking my bike to perfection easy....

Please keep it up!!!

Alright guys, I have read all the responses. My experience with my '00 400, wr timed, stock jetting, was this: Definite smoother delivery. I lost that bog at the bottom end when I accelerated quickly. I lost the sputtering while giving even throttle at 50-55 mph.

I compare the throttle response now to the way my bike responded with 12 disc (WB E-Series) compared to 7.

I suppose everyone will have different results based upon jetting, mods, altitude, timing and "rider feel".

I would hardly call it "slobbering or gushing"

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