Where can I get VP Fuel in PA?

Where can I get VP Fuel in PA?

Doesn't Matto Cycle have some?

Rausch Creek I believe sells it too. You're close to both.

How does that 450sx run? Have you ever compared it to a yz or crf?

I've ridden an '02 CRF 450 (Huffa's), '04 CRF 450 (Uncles), and an '03 YZF450 (just recently).

I'll take the KTM any day.

I like the light feeling of the KTM. The ergos just work for me.

I don't notice much of a difference in cornering. The Japanese bikes just feel slow and heavy to me in turns, BUT, they DO feel very secure and planted. The KTM never feels planted, but I like that.

The brakes are no comparison. KTM's brakes are by FAR the strongest, with, what I feel, is the best modulation and feel. It's about time Yamaha went to a CR/KTM style routing though. The patent's been out for what, two years now?!

Power on all the bikes feels very close. The YZF has a little more "hit", and revs higher. The KTM and Honda feel very simmilar to each other. Minimal hit, smooth power, and a good pull everywhere. Both like mini-520's. :thumbsup:

Suspention is also very very close. As my suspention is not really set up yet (still playing with sag and exact setting still), It's tough to get a good feel for them, but they are much better than my 520's, and they feel VERY close to the Honda and Yamaha's. Not quite as firm, but still VERY good.

Come up the pocono traxx today at 3:00 and we'll do a shootout :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: We're heading to Rausch today.

Just too far and too much money to go up there when we're members at a place that's only 30 minutes away as opposed to 1.5 hours away.

Infact, my uncle just called, and we would like to get to Rausch around noon or so. We gotta make it back up to JF sometime though - I've not had good luck there though. I broke my knee there on ice once, then I broke my ankle from sliding down the one big bank turn on the big track...this was YEARS ago though. But when we're members of Rausch, and can ride for free, and drive 30 or so minutes, or drive an hour and a half, and pay 30-35 dollars (+ gas), it's kinda a no brainer.

I personally plan on heading up to Miles Mountain next weekend. Dad may too. about 3.5 hours, entry fee is like 15-20 bucks, and it's supposed to be like ROcket Raceway in the fact that it is fast and loamy and fun.


My luck their today wasnt good, I wrecked andlost my front brakes. I otta head downto rausch creek I amony 40min away from both places. How much to ride their? Iusually go up JF because I got afree membership :thumbsup:

I believe a day pass is $35. after 5 pm it's $25.

You can get VP fuel from VPE Racing. They are off of rt. 78, at the Krumsville/ Kutztown exit.

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