San Diego riders?

Hey any other San Diegans riding this time of the year, besides at the track. I want to do some trail riding. Maybe find some new spots. Anyone need an extra person to go riding. :thumbsup: All my friends are wimping out saying it's too hot!

damn i miss riding out there, used to go down to otay all the time and there was always a breeze coming up off the ocean so it was comfortable. there are plenty of freaks that still do ride down there during summer. if you cruise down on a weekend you'll find plenty of people to ride with.

if you cruise down on a weekend you'll find plenty of people to ride with.

Like the police and the border patrol! It's pretty much been shutdown and they're being pretty hard-nosed about it (tickets, etc...).

Yeah I've done done that ride with the border patrol and police before! Not a whole lot of fun. :thumbsup:

BLM has a website that shows some OHV areas in the S.D. area......El Centro. HOT! :thumbsup:

Corral Canyon and McCain Valley (Lark Canyon) are about the only places open in SD County at any time anymore. Both are fairly small areas, McCain in particular, so you have to be careful of oncoming traffic when it gets crowded.

McCain lends itself to faster riding in general the Corral Canyon, although the latter has quite a few fire roads open to ORVs. Bear in mind that the truck/jeep types like to go there, too. If you are looking for some serious double black diamond trails, Corral Canyon has some for you.

The closure of "905", as the Otay area is called, is enforced sporadically, and the Border Patrol is far less concerned about it than the SDPD. Do stay out of the areas posted as sensitive habitat, though, and avoid problems by not parking on the northern edge of the area near 905. That't where SDPD looks first.

I live in the El Centro area and Im always riding Plaster City, yeah its a little hot but its a great workout and its also a lot of great terrain, If you want to make the trip out here, theres also going to be a race on Sept 5th, south of the border theres also races out at Plaster City, in about a month.......

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