WR Front Brake Hose

I need a front brake hose for a 2000 WR400. Anyone know of a good aftermarket brake line? Or anyone have a good used stocker laying around that you want to sell?

My stocker ruptured while going down a hill. I replaced it with a line from Ride Engineering. It is an awsome piece of hardware and the guy there was easy to talk with on the phone. It uses a routing similar to honda and is teflon tubing with stainless braid.

I read somewhere that the Honda-style brake line kits are for YZs only and the line is not long enough to allow for the use of the WR headlight. Can anyone confirm? I have a Dr. D kit that I have not used (yet) on a WR with a Baja Design quick release kit.

I have the WR kit and it works with my headlight! It is longer than the YZ kit. Ride Engineering is the only one that I kkow that offers it. :thumbsup:

I already posted once on this and the Ride Engineering fits the WR very nicely... be careful though, they sell a different part for WR than the YZ... I can honestly say it is quality part...

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