Which handlebars are right for me?

I have a 03 YZ450F and only trail ride. I have stock handlebars, have been told that I should shorten the width of the bars and also consider changing them. Should I get a Scott's combo kit, whick includes new bars,triple clams and steering dampner?

This is my first post and have enjoyed reading TT hope to get some good advice. Thank you!!!

If you dont have a problem with vibration or anything like that then the scotts would be overkill. Just go get a good set of bars. The Renthal 971's are probably good enough and they will fit the stock clamps. The TAG T-1 is a good bar too.

Welcome to TT!!

Machoman uses stock YZ85 bars.....but he is a little guy! LOL :thumbsup::awww::devil:

I really like the Doug Henry bend bars on any of the full size YZ's. The bars are fairly straight. Way less pullback than stock. My wrists dont get as tired.

For me, this has made more of a difference than bars that are narrower or shorter.

Yes the Scotts system is great for the the Trail Rider - not only for vibration, but rocks, roots etc... will never knock you on your butt with the Scotts system. A very nice investment! I went with the Doug Henry bend as well and several riders choose the CR High if you are a taller rider. You will have to chop the ends and this is very normal - the amt. is a personal preference. :thumbsup:

check this link Pro Tapers it has the different sizes on hieght, width and drawback listed for all the bars.

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