(FMF)Powerbomb Header

Hey guys i just went ridding up in Mammoth and loved the bike with all the mods i did to it. The header made a huge diff even up to 8000ft :D! But i burnt my arm. It was a good burn :lol:. I got it when i stoped ridding. Put the bike up,Went back,Droped my glove,tried to pick up the glove and burnt myself.It looks like a pink kiss :D. I totaly recommend getting the header and Power Core 4 Exhast!!!!!!!!! :lol::thumbsup::lol::awww:

Is there any heat sheild I can get for it? :devil::lol: :lol: :D:lol::D :D :snore::awww::lol::(

Eline makes one for it.It is pricey though at around $80.I decided it was worth it after i burnt some pants :devil: It held up nicely and looks pretty good :thumbsup:

I have an eline pipe guard that i'll probably get rid of. it's for the powerbomb on an 04' 450 but, i think it will work on most of the yzf powerbomb head pipes. i'll take some pics tonight and probably post it in the parts section.

I just welded 3 stainless bolts to my PB header and used the guard off the stock header. Works great and only cost about 30 cents to modify.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

Check out FMF's Web site. They make heat shields for the powerbomb and high flow headers.

I just bought one for my bike. Did you have to change you jetting? If you did what jet did you go with?

I wanted to check into welding the three bolts on but, my header is titanium.... is there anyproblem welding the stainless to titanium?

None at all. Just make sure the heat is low and the wire speed is about 3 or so. I got mine a bit hot on the first bolt and had to go back and repair it. But, it works good and hides the fact that it's not a stocker...

Bonzai :thumbsup:

Right on I'll try it when pipe comes back from repair :thumbsup:

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