I race my two freinds with my 2000 Yamaha WR400F and I smoked them. One was riding a 2000 Kawasaki KX 125. The other was riding a 2004 Honda CRF 250X. :awww::devil::thumbsup:

I would sure hope so!! Riding 3 times the bike, anyone should smoke a 125 two stroke and a 250 four banger. Write back when you win a real race.

Speaking of roost... Last weekend I was at Ocala Forest, FL. with a few friends, one on a Kaw KX-250 and another on a Yam YZ-250 two smokers. Both of my friends weigh around 185 lbs., and I break the scales at 300 lbs. All I heard from both of them was complaints on my roost! They described it as six foot high and fifty foot long. They said it looked more like a roost from a hydroplane boat then a dirtbike!

After we hit the 60 miles an hour mark, I would start pulling away from them up to redline. Considering my total weight was at least 120 lbs. more then them, that is impressive! I love my 04 WR450! An incredible bike, that makes overweight amateurs like me look good! :thumbsup:


That's cool! Do you think my wr400f is as fast as a yamaha yz 250?

That's cool! Do you think my wr400f is as fast as a yamaha yz 250?

I have my Brother-in-laws 2002 YZ250 right now, and it's pretty fast, it feels way faster than my WR450.

Now if I only had a clone of myself to give you a good side by side review...

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