"wet" weight of YZ426 vs 450

Does anybody know the actual weight difference between the two (with all fluids and full tank of gas)?? I'm in the market for another 426 or 450, sold my '01 awhile ago and switched to a 250F. Now I'm heading back to the bigger bike but can't decide if the 450 is really THAT much better bike. I loved my old 426, the starting drill was NEVER an issue (started 1st or 2nd kick everytime), the bike was bulletproof, the 5speed was nice, an overall good bike. Except for the weight issue. The 426 was a bit heavy, thats why I went to the 250F. Everybody talks about how good the '03-'04 450 is, so I'm "weighing" my options. I'm finding '01-'02 426's for $2900-3900 and '03-'04 450's for $4k and up. I'm in SoCal, so prices are higher. I want to get the most bang for my buck. any input would be appreciated.

Check the "Bikes for Sale" section for my 459cc 2001 426, you won't be disappointed and the price is right!

there is at least a 15lb difference. BTW...who rides with a full tank of gas?? :thumbsup:

thanks for the info Satch. Yea, you're right, on MX tracks I usually ride with 1/2 tank of gas but on a romp through the desert I fill'er up :thumbsup:. I like to figure worst case scenario. Anybody have some solid advice on the 426 vs. 450 debate? I ride 50% track and 50% dez/trail, weigh 150 lbs, fast novice level. Thanks

depends on the year of the 426. The 00 was the heaviest and the 02 was the lightest. There are many changes to the bike.

Also remember that the 426 has a larger fuel tank than the 450. So if you only fill the 426 up to the 1.8 gal the 450 has, you have a more even measure there.

The 450s use the same amount of oil the 02 426 does. The earlier ones use 300cc more oil.

but dry weight on the 02 426 vs the 450 is 11 lbs off the Yamaha website specs.

Also remember that you can shave a lot of weight off the bike with some monies!

I'm looking for an '02 426 or '03 450. What about differences in handling, power, etc? Is there that big a difference for an average rider like me? Again, I'm looking for the most bang for my buck.

I've got an 01 and i love it too. Its been a great bike; BUT..the weight kills me. The hit and the weight just wear me down quicker on the track than a 450. Get the 450, pay up and get the better ride. They dont put millions in R&D for nothing. 5th gear would be nice in the desert, but you just dont need it on most tracks. Good luck.

Imagine the 250F with a well-behaved and tuned 426 engine. Yup, mongo difference! No catch! :thumbsup:

My 03 450 weighed 237 pounds with everything full.

I would get an 04 450. It is very light, The motor was moved lower in the frame, and a lot of metal was shaved off the motor to give it a light feel. The front end is so light, making it easy to steer. I love my new 04 450f!!! Can wip around, I never was able to on my 01 426, it was just too top heavy.

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