For those wondering about gearing **GEARING CALCULATOR NOW AVAILABLE**

My buddy and I created a simple excel spredsheet that will calculate speeds and engine RPM's with different gearing combinations. This allows me to know exactly how fast my motor will be spinning if I want to go a certain speed, or vice-versa. This was easy to put together... you could make one yourself or I could post it on my web site if anyone is interested.

thatd be fantastic, if u could make it available! post a link or email me a copy for sure! :thumbsup:

sounds good man e mail me a copy too!

Is this a one-size-fits-all spreadsheet or will it need to be adjusted depending on the motorcycle? :thumbsup:

I'll get it up on my site this weekend and post a link. This will work for any bike assuming you know the actual diameter of your rear tire, your primary gear ratio, the tranny, gear ratio you want to find the info on, and your redline (calculates the % of redline at that speed.) By the way, does anyone know what redline is on a 400?

Here is a link to the Excel gearing calculator spreadsheet. I have the values filled in for a WR400, but it will work for any bike as long as you know the inputs. Feel free to ask any questions.

This rocks. Hats off to you guys (not including my toupee- jk :thumbsup:)

Glad you like it Disco. I found a small error so I updated the spreadsheet. Nothing major, it was just displaying one of the percentages wrong. No need to download it again... I was going to put a counter on the page to see how many people look at it, but ran out of time. I'm wondering if anyone else is getting use out of this. If anything, I think this may keep some people more honest about their claims of easily doing 106 mph with dirt gearing. Good luck!


Thanks OE! :thumbsup:

hi, my 5 cents into this theme

gearing calculator program

the only down is this thingy is german, but a bit improvisation can help you since I'm no german too

if any question I'd be glad to answer

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