Need info on seat covers! help!

Will a 03-04 yz seat cover fit 98-02 yz seats? :thumbsup:

Nope, totally different.

How abt a 03-04 side panel/fenders on the 98-02 bikes? Also i have no idea why i saw a pair of radiator shrouds on ebay that says will fit 400f but not 426f. Arent they the same since the tanks will also interchange? Thanks :thumbsup:

the 450 stuff wont fit onto any 400/426 unless you do the whole plastic/airbox/seat/subframe mod.

the radiator shrouds on the 98-99 is not the same as the 00-02 due to the different mounting point onto the radiators. (the two tank screw mounts is the same but not where u mount the shroud oto the radiators)

this is due to the difference in radiators

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