knob fell off !

I was riding the other day having a lot of fun, but then one of my knobs on the front tire fell off. I'm not sure if it just came off or if the wheel was spinning too fast, I was riding really super fast, like over 130 mph. I know at lower speeds it is not so likely. I guess maybe it could have just came loose though. Is this bad? just to be safe, should I get a new tire? I thought about just maybe trying to use rubber cement to glue it back on

What are you doing going 130mph? It's a wonder they didn't all come off. Losing a knob or two should not be a problem unless you have a really open tread tire. If you are riding on the street and notice a little extra vibration, that is likelty to be the cause. I doubt rubber cement would last to the end of your driveway, especially the way you are beating on your bike. Sounds like you might be better off with supermotard tires. What gearing are you running?

I've about destroyed a new Millville in this one season with my WR426F, it hasnt worn down, it has chunked up real bad. About 33% of the knobs are torn, missing big chunks etc. Common problem with brute power I guess.

130 MPH!!! Dude you got to be careful at those speeds!! This one time….at motorcycle camp, I was doing a rolling burnout on my WR at about 120 mph when my back tire EXPLODED!! :thumbsup:

My rim is scrapping across the asphalt and sparks were flying everywhere. I thought for sure that I was going to crash, but then I grab a fistful of the front brake and did a wicked endo and rolled that baby all the way to a stop. Then set her down nice soft. Whew, that was close.

(If you believe this story, send me a PM, I got parts to sell you. :devil:)

On a serious note. Soft knobbies chunk up sometimes. It's the price you pay for wanting good grip in the mud and sand. If you don't want it to chuck up (aka have knobbies fall off) you need a harder compound tire. Any dealer should be able to help you out.

If only one fell off you should be ok. Rather than glue it back on just make a knobby mold out of high quality bubble gum. Let it set over nite & you'll be good. If I plan a trail ride & know I'll be riding 130-180 mph I throw on my Dunlop 795 HS (high speed) tires. They track better & they are liquid cooled.

I was riding really super fast, like over 130 mph.

YOU WISH!! :thumbsup::devil::awww::lol:

I read the title and it sounds like a personel problem or your chick needs to ease up on you.

130-180, what are you riding? A 450 CRF or WR or YZF tops at maybe 100. Get a life.

My WR 450 goes 150 mph cause I have nitrous. It's only on one of the cylinders though. I could go faster if I wanted. I think 130 mph is fast enough though cause any faster and maybe 2 knobs could fall off. I also run blue kool-aid in my radiator cause it aids in cooling really well too.

You idiot, what the hell are you playing at? Everyone knows Lime Kool-Aid is better coolant, geez, some people.... :thumbsup:

130-180, what are you riding? A 450 CRF or WR or YZF tops at maybe 100. Get a life.

jag - look up "sarcasm" :thumbsup:

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