Grey Wire = bye bye CRF450

So, I recently got back from a road trip down to Cali were I rode with my buddy who has a 2002 Honda CRF450. I not sure what's up with those Honda guys, but they sure like to say things like "Go Red or Go Home" all the time. I love my WR450f and never shoot off around the mouth about it. It's my own little secret. So, anyways, my buddy is talking major [@#$%&*!] about how much his CRF rules over my WR. The first day out we do a little race on some dirt roads, we are neck and neck in 4th going about 50-60mph when he looks over twists the throttle and bam, I'm dusted.

A little discouraged, that evening I do the grey wire mod while he puts a new back tire on.. The next day, we race again, this time, we get in about the same situation, 4th gear, mid power band, and I slam the throttle, he eats my roost! Somewhere in mid 5th gear I look back and he's some 50-75ft behind. So, now I believe in the grey wire mod. I got way more mid to upper powerband thats really recognizable in 4th and 5th gear. In any event, my buddy claims that the road was a lot sketchier when we raced the second time, that's why he couldn't keep up. :thumbsup:

Excellent! :thumbsup:

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