Before and after pics...



<font color="#666666"> AFTER


Looks good...did you spray or powder coat the frame? Some black excels would look sweet on that!

Its powdercoated and the side of the frame has rhino liner on to give it grippy texture. I think once I get custom number backrounds and a carbon fiber sticker for over the air box it will look better.

Looks good Pavel....get some black excels for it and it will be bada$$

Looks great! Is that a stock tank or is it bigger? I'm still waiting on my Hurricane kit. :thumbsup:

Pavel, what did you paint the outside of the clutch cover with? I like it.

It took a month for mine to come in. The tankis a 2.8 gallon one. The smallest black size available at

It only cost $175

I painted the case w/ hight temp paint so it would look like a charcoal black :thumbsup: I left the center blank becauseif I painted that it would just rub off.

Now let's see pictures of you riding that beast!

I am going upthe traxx today at 3:00 maybeI can get some.

Wow, that's amazing!

How did you change that metal stand into wood?


Nice looking bike. Sure is a blast from the past.

Wow, that's amazing!

How did you change that metal stand into wood?



After riding at the pocono Traxx...


After an hour of cleaning...


We still want to see YOU riding the beast!! :thumbsup:

I would have gotten pics but I went to the track myself. :thumbsup:

Now that's Funny...... That one caught me a bit off guard!

Bonzai :thumbsup:

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