whenever I ride at high rpm and let off the throttle it backfires? why? Am I riding at too high rpm? Does it have a rev limiter?

Re-jet your carb needs to be richer.

The poping sound is the engine running lean.

is this guy for real? :devil: maybe he shoulda stayed on his rupp :thumbsup:

is this guy for real? :devil: maybe he shoulda stayed on his rupp :awww:

Dude, what are you talking about?? :thumbsup:

That guy hit it dead on. The pilot circuit is too lean. Some pop is

normal on decel, but if it's loud and often, it's too lean.

I think he's referring to the original poster. Marcusberg or what ever he calls himself.

Marcus, maybe the noise you can hear is people trying to shoot you?

LOL now thats funny, but come on guys we were all young and dumb at one time. Give the guy a break, huh ? :thumbsup:

He suffers from both...big time!

I think he is running too lean.

ha ha whatever! I'm just trying to mess you up! he he :thumbsup::devil:

rupp was a mini-bike manufacturer in the 70's. was my first motorized 2 wheeler :devil: they had 5hp pullcord briggs and fairly decent suspension (for what it was)i broke the frame in 2 on a jump and gradjiated to a 125 elsinore! man that was a long time ago! :awww::lol: and yes that was referring to marcus :thumbsup:

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