What are the BEST TIRES for WET and DRY PAVEMENT?

Anybody out there who knows what they're talking about, please suggest the best tires to use on both wet and dry pavement on my street oriented XR650R dualsport? So far, I'm considering Pirelli Scorpions or Duro 90/10s. Is there anything better out there for a supermotard-type (blacktop) application? My 50/50 Maxxis 6006s don't have enough grip on pavement, but they do alright on gravel roads and dry dirt. Safety on the street is my number one priority, and that means GRIP on both wet and dry pavement. What tires should I buy?

Safety on the street is my number one priority,

Then you are riding the wrong type of motorcycle. Every tire is a compromise.

how about some rain tires for street bikes?

I have maxxis all traks, and they work good on wet pavement for me but I have no other tire to compare them to. They are a real pain to change. Stupid me used screwdrivers and snapped one in half. good longetivity though. But what was already said, every tire will be a comprimise

Dunlop 401, if I remember the number correctly ... outstanding wet sport tire

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