What makes the front brake weak?

Compared to other WR's I've ridden my front brake has considerably less grab. It has always been this way, so this is not a new problem. Any ideas why this is and how to fix it?

I used to have a KLX300 and its front brake was like a power brake compared to the WR's.

I have not bled it, but since the brake strength has always been about the same, I wouldn't think its a fluid problem.

Have a look at the brake hoseline, Instead of running it straight to the caliper, they have gone down the fork and back up and around to it. I think it is beacuse some one else had a pattent on that idear :devil:.

Im looking at buying a Braided brake line, and re-route the hose, have heard it makes a hell of a differance :thumbsup:

The length and routing of hydraulics (as in the brake system) makes no difference in the amount of energy transferred from the input end to the working end (handle to caliper). However, if the hose or brakeline has flex in it, then it does make some difference in length, but not routing. The best thing you can do is bleed it regularly (say every 3-5 months) and replace the hose with a steel braided one that won't flex at all. Other than that, good pads and a "non-glazed" rotor will keep it working fine.

Given that you say that other WR's that you have ridden have better brakes makes me think you have some air trapped in the system. If you want to be sure that all the air is out you either need to get the caliper higher than the master cylinder and allow time for the air to bubble its way through the hydralic fluid before bleeding or pull a vacuum on the bleed valve to draw the air out. I have speed bleeders on my bike and it makes this task a lot easier. Also going to a braided hose and using the "CR" routing helps considerably.

Willy Fitz :thumbsup:

when did you last do a fluid change. Makes a hell of difference new vs old brake fluid.

Even if you think it is not the case, I'm sure it's a fluid problem or air bubbles in your line. Mine brakes so hard I gotta be careful all the time.

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