What cam options for these things?

2000 YZ426F - Can I get milder cam(s) I want to lower the power band, make it less likely to stall, and pull good at a lower r.p.m. Does anyone raise the jug to lower compression? It's sometimes a bit much in tight trails in the mud, it doesn't hook up, just spins.I've already changed cam timing. Thanks in advance, Rick.

what bike do you have?

Sorry guys, 00 YZ 426f

Forget cams...unless you want to go the 450 cam route but its not going to do much for your problem your having but will make starting alot easier...get a flywheel weight...makes a night and day difference in the lower RPM ranges and doesnt sacrafice power anywhere. A friend of mine put a 8 ounce on his 426 last year and it was like riding a completly different bike...much more stall resistant down low, and traction seemed MUCH better. I think 8-9 is a good choice for MX and trails but if your strictly a trail guy i would probably go with 10-11 ounce. Dont think less power...just more use friendly power.

what bike do you have?

Just have to laugh. :awww::lol::D:lol::thumbsup::devil:

You could install the exhaust cam from a 03 WR450. It will smooth the hit, start easier and give more bottom end. You can not switch the 03 YZ cam to WR timing because of the auto decompression feature. Should be able to do it for about 100.00. It will give you ease of starting (no drill), ability to roll back to life if you somehow stall it, and a more linear power band.

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