I paid $2500.00 for my 2000 Yamaha WR400F! It only had 650 miles on it! The guy I bought it from kept a record of where he rode it and what maintainence he did on it! I heard that the motocross and supercross dirtbikes cost $15,000.00!!!!!!!!! You can buy a new car or truck for that!!!!!! :thumbsup:

HA Ha hahaa! You're great, pal! :thumbsup:

$15,000!!!! Holy cow! Looks like I'll have to save my pennies for a new one. Maybe I could sell my 98 for $4k?? who knows.....anyone want a beautiful 98 for the low low price of $4,000???? :thumbsup:

U'd even get change from $15K OZ dollars for a 450SX! And OZ dollars buy jack [@#$%&*!]

I think he's talking about either factory or works bikes.

I'd like to see anyone score RC's Rm for next year or even his current CR for $15k. They'd probably choke laughing from your offer. :thumbsup:

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