hurricane upper clamp

i'm ordering one of these monday,has anyone heard anything good or bad of them? they don't offer a bottom clamp and was wondering what the strongest one might be?(as far as eliminating flex)have my eyes on an applied racing wrap clamp,any input? :thumbsup: BTW will be selling the thumper racing 1+1 bar risers if any one is interested.

I have used the applied wrap clamp on two bikes so far. No problems at all.

Try to hold out for the wrap model. It moves the bars foreward slightly. The bike feels better even for short people.

It is also one of the less expensive models out there. I have no idea what the other brands could offer to make them cost so much.

Applied has excellent customer service as well.

thanx for the input,i just need a bottom. the hurricne upper claims to work as good as a steering stabilizer with four posts and urethane bushings,only allows a rocking movement and no twist! looks like it might work he said satisfaction gaurunteed. gonna order one this week and give em a try! will probly try the applied wrap on the bottom it looks good for the money like you said.

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