My front brakes wont work?

I was at the track and lost it around a corner. It fell on the right side. Not a hard crash at all. I went to squeeze my front brakes and there was no pressure and the didnt work. There is no fluid leaking anywhere? If I got Air in the brake line whould it cause the loss of pressure?

Check your calipers and make sure nothings binding, and try bleeding the pressure in the breaks either means you got a nasty leak your not seeing, or a massive amount of air somewhere in there.

Ill have to go get some brake fluid. IfI do havea leak Ill get the lightspeed cr kit :thumbsup:

bleed the brakes or they can be ceised up this happened to my old bike

Try holding the lever in with tape for an hour or so it should come back add brake fluid if its low :thumbsup:

Reset your forks, they are probably tweaked.

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