Would like some input on which of these bikes you guys would buy.Consider both being bought new-I have found the price diff to be minimal.Just was wondering about power diff ride quality reliability ect.Any input would be appreciated. Thankyou

If you want to ride off road it's the Honda.

If it's the freeway then the Kaw gets the nod.

Power is probably similar, both bikes being quite lame in the stock condition. The KLR is better as a street bike, it's huge and very heavy. The XRL is better for off-roading, but it's also a heavy bike (about 330lbs I think).

I have owned a 650l and ridden a KLR alot, the klr is fun froma challenge point of view to try and wrestle it around..the 650l is faster on the same trails.

I own an XR650L. The others seem to have the right tune. The XR is a better dirt bike as it should be. It is a XR600 chassis with a 650 engine and lights. I do ride on the street 75% of the time and have no problems with the bike. The KLR is more street oriented with racks for luggage, liquid cooled and a larger fuel tank. If you are looking to do alot of road miles with short rides on dirt raods and fire roads then the KLR will fit the bill. But if you like to jump and run the rough stuff the XR is king. Have you looked at the DR650SE. It is a little in between the two. It seems to do dirt the same as it does road. Maybe the only 50/50 bike built.


I have a klr 650 and have had a older xrl. Klr is a great "run around town" bike w/some freeway mixed in and even some adventure touring. I have not had this one off road but I have had the misfortune of riding a friends. Heavy and hard to find tires that grip and still last more than few mile on the pavement. The more road miles I put on my klr though the more I think I could ride it off road (w/extreme care) and still have alot of fun. I keep a real dirt bike handy for serious trail runs. After many sport bikes and such this is the most fun and versitile bike I have owned. To sum it up, its like comparing a two door chevy blazer to a jeep wrangler. Had both of those too! lol

Thankyou guys I am still undecided at the moment so im going to take my time to decide.Thanks for the replies!!! :thumbsup:

what about the diesel Kawi 650?

100mpg and a bit more torque...

The Diesel KLR is not currently available to the public.

The new XT660 Yamaha is another one to consider...

and dont forget the KTM 640 Adventure.

I had the BMW 650GS--it was great for weekend camping trips, blasting down Sierra fire roads and easy Baja 5 day trips...

I put 19k miles on my 2000 KLR before switching to a FZ1 and 87 xr600. Yes too 2 bikes to replace the one. The KLR is a great bike, heavy they say, 13 lbs difference I don't think is noticible. KLR should have more power, higher compression. I went KLR because I wanted the larger fuel tank & little wind protection. I also saw the more modern liquid cooled, DOHC engine with shims as an advantage. My xr600 isn't far from stock, but feels much more powerful (gearing advantage xr). Xr handles off roading at speed better, putting doesn't matter. KLR body work makes more rattles when off roading, I lost a few bolts over 2 years I had it. I did do some 500 mile days on KLR, first 2 were terrible, bike had just over 1000 miles, everything in contact with the bike (except feet) where numb for 3 days. It got better with more miles. My xr has never seen 5 miles of smooth road so I don't know if it vibrates (never noticed any). I paid $4900 out the door for the KLR, MSRP is only up $100 since then so I'd try to pay the same if I walked in and bought another. I should have kept it, and picked up an smaller xr or kdx for dirt duty, the KLR for street. It was paid for, tires cost half of FZ1's, insurance was 1/3. The FZ is a blast in it own way.

Big negative for KLR was riding into head wind it was working hard to do 75-80 trying to pass Semi's. But I did change front sprocket up 1 tooth. Some day I'll probably own another KLR. Getting pushed around sideways didn't bother me, even the Fz get pushed around. David

I had a XL650R a few years ago. It handled any fire road and most trials very well. But it was very tall for me (I'm 5'8"), Small gas tank, and anything over 70mph seemed to be pushing it. I'm presently looking into a KLR650. Mostly because I like just taking off and riding up into the mountains and back. Their seems to be a varity of simple mods that will increase the off road performance without sacrificing to much road worthyness.

i've owned both bikes. they're both great imo.

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