with a broken arm, I need some new bars and some advice

hey guys, i just broke my fore arm a few inches behide my wrist last monday night. a titanium plate, 6 screws and a f... load of sticths later, :devil::awww::thumbsup: im left with a 04 yz450 with some jacked up handel bars (stock).

i know nothing about the pros and cons of the bars avaliable, nor do i know about what is avaliable.

im 5'8 155lbs and like to ride motocross style tracks mostly.

also my front forks have started to leak a lilttle bit of oil. what do i need to do? :lol:

thanks guys, i know you all will help alot :D

Best advice....dont worry about the bars till you get better...fixing them now will only tempt you more to take it for a spin around the block and probably further injure your already hammered arm! :thumbsup: As for your forks, take a 35mm film negative and stick it in between your fork seals and run it in an up and down motion the full 360 degrees around the fork...most likely just something caught in the seal...especially with a bike that new.

I'm partial to the fat bars. Lots of companies make them, I run Pro Tapers, many of my friends run the TAG, they're all strong. And with no cross bar they do flex a little which is nice on the wrists. Find someone with them on, with the bike on the stand put all your weight on the bars and bounce a bit and you can see just how much they flex. But I can tell you from experience, they are very difficult to bend in a crash. The film idea for the fork is excellent. The only thing that I add is check the oil level in both forks after the film trick, there's no way to tell how much oil you've lost so far.

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