Anybody busted the bead changing a tire?

Changing the front tire (dunlop 756) ... should be easy ... I didn't let it sit out in the sun 'cuz i was in a hurry ... getting towards the end by the rim lock ... keep flipping the tire over to get the tire off the bead on the opposite side so I have more tire to work with ... SNAP!! ... the wire beads bust in half. I don't suppose there's a warranty on these is there? :devil::thumbsup:

When I first learned to do tires I did that to a tire. It's shot, no good, throw it out and start again. To avoid this push the bead down into the center area of the tire as you slip it on the rim. You still have to work at it. I have changed tons of tires since breaking that first wire bead and never have had a problem since. Good luck.

Spray the bead with WD40 and it will slip right off/on :thumbsup:

I broke one on a 756 as well. The people at Rockymountain atv said this was from using a tire iron that was too large.

broke one on a 756 as well. The people at Rockymountain atv said this was from using a tire iron that was too large.

If the part of the bead that is on the inside of the rim as your trying to get the rest of the bead there is sitting on the shoulder of the rim a big iron will break it, a small won't get it to budge. You need to get the bead that is in the rim area to the center of the rim, off the shoulder area to give you some slack in the bead to have it fit on.

one tip for changing tires, keep the tire from beading up as you put it on, if the tire irons become hard to use all of a sudden, push the bead down on the other side of the tire (on the side your on and the underside of the tire) and try to get the bead down around the whole tire and everything should be easy as pie.

I think we have all done this. Unfortunately once the bead is broke the tire is trash. I use liquid soap around the bead, 2 good tire irons and a rubber mallet. (Put the section where the rim lock is on 1st.)

I have also found that if you lay your rim down on a blanket or piece of foam - on hard surface and have a friend help, you can almost stomp and push the tire on completely using your feet without any tools. I know this sound primative but it works and if you some foam or a thick blanket, you won't hurt your rim.

Lastly, put some baby powder on the tube in case you get wild with the tire irons. Again once you get it close to on, you should be able to stomp in on with your feet or hit it with a rubber mallet.


If I've got a bead that keeps popping on I use a couple of those quick grip clamps to squeeze it together to keep it off the bead. C clamps would work too. I'm to cheap to buy one of those bead buddies.

Whenever you are putting the tire on, put one side on, then the other which is the side i am going to explain(The ah [@#$%&*!] side). What you do is you Clamp the opposite side that you are working on with a C clamp to the table. Make sure you use a board like 2-3 inches wide and at least 4 inches long. Use that to Clamp the tire down with. That will help press the bead down and will mainly help you get the last part of the bead on the tire. Remember Clamp the OTHER side you are working on. This will help for sure. And WD40 or soapy water around the entire bead. Good Luck, and make sure you close your garage so when you do mess up, and swear, your neighbors dont think you come from hell.

the tire is shot, no warrenty on that. after being in the tire business for 9 years, the easiest way and best if you have no tire machine is use Moose tire tools (2) and a water soluble lube. (wd-40 will stay on the wheel and tire and coulc cause the tire to spin in the wheel). lube the bottom bead well and slip onto rim and under bead lock. start top bead (after lubing) about 2 inches from bead lock and work it around as far as you can by hand holding at the starting point and keeping the top bead in the center part of the wheel barrel. then use the tire tool to slip the last few inches onto the wheel on the top side of the bead lock... be careful not to pinch the tube while doing this. it really sux to get it all done and back on the bike and notice it is flat again. :thumbsup:

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