1986 XR600R

My 600 will run great if its not idling, but as soon as I let off the gas in neutral, it idles for a second then cuts out. Can anyone tell me if this is a carb problem or could it be something with the electrical because it wont start unless I pop it. Thanks

Have you tried raising the idle?

Yes i have but it's still the same.

the '86 model has the dual carbs, which probably need to be removed and cleaned out. It's a pain to do, but worth it, then the bike should run fine. Of course this might not be the problem, but it's a very common problem to have dirty carbs. Dirty/clogged air filters are also common.

Electrical problems with the XR's are not likely if the bike has not been tampered with or re-wired.

Unfortunately, the bikes wires have been messed with. It has a 250 plug wire on it because when I bought the bike it ran very rough and the previous owner made "quikfixes" on it. I've already had the carbs out and cleaned them. The bike runs better, but would there be any type of adjustment on the carbs to make it idle?

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