fork braces???

what is the best fork brace out there for the brp i have seen the superbrace and the summers brace but dont know the pros and cons of each one any input would be great


sorry I was looking at the pictures, what did you ask? :thumbsup:

I've got the Superbrace,Works great,great fit :thumbsup:

I have the summers racing one and that transformed the bike.

Admittedly my bike is a supermoto so i think it would make more of a difference but it still made a huge difference to the handling.

One question though....I have the knobblies aswell for the BRP and plan on doing some off roading over the winter but will the 21" front fit with the brace on?

Well, I used a Superbrace and a Scott's stabilizer for the first time on Sat.

We ran in the California City GP#1 2006. I would have to say that both worked as advertised. The Superbrace assisted in steering me out of ruts and the stabilizer steadied me in the sand, rocks and whoops. My usual 'arm pump' was non-existent, even after 75 miles of racing.

Yes, I can use the stock fork boots with the brace, but they are now clamped about 2" higher than the stock position. So now they are compressing much farther and I can hear the air being pushed out and sucked in as the suspension travels. I am now thinking about getting some forks skins.

SUPERBRACE :thumbsup: they even sent me a requested polished one, instead of the powdercoat version ... great people to do business with .. :thumbsup:

Superbrace here also on my 650L. Used other braces on other bikes and always found they made an improvement.

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