oil change?

I just changed my oil on my wr400f!!! I cleaned the oil strainer and oil filter. It was not easy at all! It took me about 2 hours to change it! You have to take off so many parts to change the oil! It's crazy! :thumbsup: It's worth it though! I've heard of people that never changed their oil until the dirtbike didn't run well! If you have a dirtbike you have to maintain it bottom line!



2 hours??? What are you doing that takes 2 hours??? Changing the oil in all of my bikes takes less than 2 hours.....the 400 oil change should only be 15-20 minutes, tops, and that includes the 3 minute or so warmup time.

alright NEWBIE!! :thumbsup::devil:

You have to loosen the exhaust to get to the oil filter! You have to take off the oil strainer! You have to take off the skidplate! That's a lot of crap to do! If you even do that! All you do is probably loosen the two drain bolts and drain the oil! ha ha :awww::lol::D:lol::thumbsup::devil:

I never touch my exhaust when removing the oil filter?

I do remove the skid plate but you can still get to the oil plug without removing it. I remove mine to get all the dirt that gets in there and never seems to wash out.

Still takes less than one hr but that's because I'm old and slow!

Why don't you loosen the exhaust to get to the oil filter? what kind of bike is it? what year is your bike? :thumbsup:

WR 400 same as yours.

No need to touch the exhaust!

I had a 99 YZ400 for a while. Took 2 hours the first time I changed the oil including strainer. Took 1 hour the next time, then 30 minutes after that. Had to use the right tools, and learn a few tricks to get the time down.

That's good to know! It's the first time I changed the oil in it! Thanks for the information! :thumbsup:

I'm not a rocket scientist! I'm just a regular 4-stroke dirtbike rider. Just experience!


He's probably talking about the header. You have to loosen the header and move it to get to the oil filter. I know they changed the design on the newer WR's.

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