WR426 opinions

OK. posted this once but dont see it. Will th wr hold up for 4 or 5 years without major work. I have an XR650R now and get one more trade off before my son is born so I want to make it a good one. I need really good power cause it is used to run problem coyotes for the gov. It needs to be fast as well as lots of power. Thaks for the time

Hey Brian-

I own the WR400, yes it's plenty fast and has power galore. Top speed is appx 100mph w/ the correct gearing. With gearing setup for tight trails, mine will about hit 73mph according to the bike computer. Pretty versatile...

4-5 w/o major work? Define major! The engine internals, frame, suspension etc will probably be just fine. The WR does require in many cases a few care and feeding items to make it run well. This is a race bike and it does need more attention (probably) than the XR you are used to. Nothing major, just little tweaks you'll learn from this forum. The nice thing is the WR can be tuned from mild to wild both engine and suspension/chassis without a major time/$ investment.

Good! The engine is what I worry about most. I didnt know about the dohc setup for wear and maintenance. General maint I am happy to do, I like it actually. They are all going to take maint, but I have run into bad suspension characteristics with my 650. I need something that will take hard hits and not bottom out so hard. The engine has perfect power but heavy and not so nimble on fast turns. It is like a cross between desert racing and motocross. Fast paced. The WR sounds like a perfect bike for what I need. Hopefully!

Thanks again.

I've heard Hare 'n Hound but Runnin' 'yotes. Tell us more....


What a hobby huh. Heres the deal. Often we have coyotes or pairs that become problems in killing several sheep and their lambs. The gov has a chopper and a plane that they usually take care of them with, but they get wise to the noise and hide after awhile. Here is where I come in.

Bryan, I've owned two WR's over the last 4 years, my 98 400 ran perfect on the same plug for 3 years and even sold it with the original plug from Yamaha, with the exception of a couple of blown fork seals the bike had no problems whatsoever, and I feel confident that the person I sold it to will have much success with it over the next few years. My 01 has had no problems either. If you are a big dude and ride in really open areas you might consider the XR650R as I believe that that bike will run for ever too.

Good luck, Dan

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