Impact with tree, bent forks??

I feel like the biggest looser right about now :devil:,

Today I was at my Brothers house with all his mates and i thought it would be time to show how my wheelies are going..

so out on the street I went popped her up in second all was good till I went to far on the back wheel and got a wobble which then pointed me at a tree :awww:....

Dropped it down just before hitting tree, I went over the

handle bars and did a cool dive roll (just missing the tree).

But my bike took the big hit, The front wheel looks like a

potatoe chip, broke three spokes, and was pointing to the

left, I took my poor bike and my shattered ego back home,

so just wondering :

Is my front wheel a lost cause?

Took the forks off and they look straight, but how can I really tell?

And Im pretty sure that the clamps that hold the forks are bent, cause thats what made the forks look bent on the bike.

Any help would be very much appreciated :thumbsup:

I dont know about the wheel but it would be worth taking it to someone in the know. When you go in you can tell them you where flying through the bush and hit a stump in the grass or something :devil:

You will probably (hopefully) find that when you put the wheel etc. back on that if you loosen all the pinch bolts on the clamps a bit and bounce the supension it will go back into shape. Good luck.

Hey good luck with the mono's too :thumbsup:

Front wheel sounds toasted, without seeing it. If it's no longer round, the rim, it's toast. If its just broken spokes you can replace those.

The most common reason for your front wheel to point in a wierd direction is that the forks twisted in the triple clamps. The most common cure is to loosen everything up and put it back together. Some say just to bang the front wheel against a tree till it is back in line. On the trail I just kick the front wheel till the forks twist back to normal.

Thanks guys,

Good news, The tripple clamps are ok, like you guys said just back it all off and should come good.

No good for the rim though, its toasted, going to order a new rim and spokes as soon as Im out of the dog house (wife is a bit cranky at me) :thumbsup:.

Any one ever laced up a rim, the guy at the shop said just take photos and I should be right

And the forks appear to be ok, guy at shop said they can't really tell untill there back on the bike :thumbsup:

sounds like a good excuse to get a Serco top clamp .It's a copy of the pro taper top clamp, but heaps cheaper. At $AU215 they are a steal in my opinion. You'll definately need a new rim. Check your front axle also, as it's probably bent. Glad I'm not the only one that runs into trees. :thumbsup:

trees must have this inbuilt magnet that attracts bikes, :thumbsup::awww:

Nice setup dude, Where can I find them, Ive tryed the web page but no luck, Looks like they sold them a bit to cheap and they have shut down :devil:

Not to worry I got it to work eventually

I had a run in with a tree recently on my first enduro.

Doesnt take a very big one to stop you dead.

I hit 'my tree' at 45 to vertical with bottom triple clamp bolts.

The only mark I had was twisted forks and scratched fender.

Oh yes and bruised bollocks !! :thumbsup::devil:

I ride slower in trees now !


the website rarely works :thumbsup:

Try calling them on (07) 3823 3833

They are built for the YZ, so you have to modify your odo bracket to suit. Also you have to make adapters for the blinker mounts due to the 3 bolt setup. I still had mine installed in a few hours so it's no big deal if you have basic tools, a drill and some ally to make brackets with.

I've relaced rims before. I'm not the best at it but it wasn't that hard.

Before you take the rim off, tie each spoke together where they cross. that way, they won't all drop to the side and you'll have a basic idea of where they should go on the new rim. I know you broke a couple but you can insert those when you reassemble the wheel. :thumbsup:

Take your time and go slowly when you tighten everything back up.

Pay attention to the spokes... the ones inside the hub have a slightly different angle than the spokes on the outside of the hub. Don't mix the two up! :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for your help,

The guy at the shop reckons I need to buy a new set of spokes...

I have three that are broken, they broke down at the rim, maybe I can just buy three spoke and save my self some dollars, :thumbsup:

############# UPDATE ##################

Ok the bike is finally feeling close to being right again, after putting the new rim back on I still had to loosen the clamp pinch bolts and bang the wheel against the work bench, its now pointing straight again :thumbsup:

Also had to reweld the steering stop on the frame, the impact had caused it to bend, and when full lock to the right I was hitting the CDI box :devil:

Today took it for a spin, felt good but my confidence is now lacking,

Thanks again for TT's help


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