1987 xr600 bog

I recently purchased a 1987 xr600 for $600. It needs a little cosmetic work but doesnt run too bad. ONe problem I noticed was it has a slight hesitation when you snap the throttle. It has a K&N filter with supertrapp exhaust. Could this be a jetting problem? Any suggestions on where I should start first? Thanks.

Is the 87' a single carb or a dual carb? If it is a single carb the problem is common to the beast. The carb has a slide that uses engine vaccum to open it. If you remove the slide and drill the outside 2 holes to 5/32nds and shim the slide needle to .28 to .32 this will help greatly. Worked wonders on my XR650L. There are pictures of this procedure at a site I use www.xrlug@yahoogroups.com in the photos section. Good luck.


'87 is dual carb.

Yep and the bog is a feature. Just dont whack the throttle open like that and it wont do it. I very rarely find the bog when I'm riding.

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