Need to vent regarding graphics

Why do the maufacturers insist in using white on the gas tanks of our motorcycle graphics? I believe most of us have known for years that the white turns yellow. I know it might not look as sexy at first, but Do we really need to keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

The only company that should be allowed to use white is FX. The FX branded graphics will not stick long enough to have the chance for the white to yellow.

The one industries have given me almost double the service life of anything fx has sold me.

I know the true answer is to skip the graphics all together. I agree to a point, but I really like the look of a well decorated bike.

I wish Yamaha would go to a gas tank design that has the radiator shrouds covering the entire tank. This makes it possible to have graphics that hold up...Well, with the exception of FX.

mine never stay on long enough to turn yellow!! :thumbsup:

mine never stay on long enough to turn yellow!! :thumbsup:

And thats pretty much the graphic companies take on it too...there made for a dirt bike...there gonna get dirt, scratched and torn quickly and therefore replaced quickly. Most of my graphics take at least 3-4 months to yellow, and are usually pretty worn out by that time.

I wear a knee brace (asterisk), so my tank graphics only last about 1.5 times as long as the insides of the knees on my riding pants. The plastic on YZ tanks was originally formulated as an upgrade to Teflon, as I understand it.

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