about to buy a new tank?

I know this has been discussed before. I just did a search, but was unable to come up with a conclusion. What tank do you all run?

I have a 650R which is dual sported in CT and ridden in New England areas, which tank should I buy?


1. Clarke 4.3

2. IMS 4.6

3. Acerbis 6.0


I have a red clarke 4.3.. Wish I would have bought the clear... :thumbsup:

clarke 4.3 in natural :thumbsup::devil::awww:


Asked this question a while back, and the overwhelming response I got was to run the Clarke, as it's fit/finish were OEM quality, while the IMS had some definate fitment issues (especially with the Edelbrock, if I remember correctly). The only thing people said about the Acerbis was that when full, it was very heavy, and it was also very wide at the knees. Or at least, thats what I remember anyway. :thumbsup:

I have the IMS 4.6 and have had no fitting problems with it. I also run the Edelbrock carb and had no issues with it and the IMS tank either. The only problem I had was with my bark busters rubbing the tank slightly so I flipped the mounting hardware upside down and they worked perfectly, so no fit problem there either now.

Baja Designs which sells both recommended the IMS over the Clarke at the time I purchased mine about 4 years ago. Seems both tanks work well and if your wanting a little more range go IMS. :thumbsup:

The Acerbis is simply huge and may have fit problems with an Edelbrock carb, I don't know? My buddy has the Acerbis and it makes trail riding a lot of work. Again if your after distance which is what he wanted then I don't think you will beat the Acerbis tank. The Acerbis design is also flawed. There is about 3/4 to 1 gal. of its content which is unsusable. You simply will not be able to get to the fuel unless you had an electric fuel pump. It's a fire road or desert tank in my opinion.

Clarke 4.3 in Red :thumbsup:


I ordered the clarke 4.3 in natural from rockymountainmc.com

Thanks for all the help,


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